From the start, DIS Euro has become one of the leading international specialists when it comes to offering solutions for sealing, rubber bonding and related design problems. Our experience covers product design, material selection (developed SBR, EPDM, NBR, Silicone Rubber, Fluoroelastomers or special rubber compounds) process modeling and development, material and product testing under one roof.

We have built up an extensive knowledge bank, in accordance with International Environmental Awareness statutes, and we are able to offer solutions to most polymer issues impacting on the industrial sector.

DIS Euro offers a wide range of services. From the fast and accurate application of the latest sealing products to the development of unique tailor-made solutions. A major advantage is our ability to transfer technologies developed for the Aviation, Agriculture, Construction, Infrastructure, and other Industries into other industrial sectors.

DIS Euro can adapt different components for a wide range of applications. We make rubber seals for water, gas, sewage and chimney applications, buffers and other rubber to metal bonded parts and couplers for micro-tunneling.

Our research and development department is dedicated to working on new material characteristics. Particular attention is given to the development of compounds. We continuously try to anticipate future market demands by constantly integrating test findings in new designs and products as can be seen in our agriculture and lighting applications