Environmental Awareness

The need for businesses to address environmental issues has never been greater. 

  • Diseuro has been licensed by E.P.A (Environmental Protection Agency) since 1996. (Licence no. 64)

As part of this licence, we must have an annual “Environmental Management Programme”.  This states our objectives, targets for the year with regard to environmental issues.  This document is submitted to EPA and we can be audited at any time. During the year we monitor a number of items and then all information is reported to EPA. Our annual report will include:

  • Total water usage
  • Process water usage
  • Lab. analysis of surface water (carried out by third party)
  • Lab. Analysis of effluent water (carried out by third party)
  • Heating oil usage
  • Electricity usage
  • Oil (hydraulic)recovered on site
  • Oil (hydraulic) recycled off site
  • Steel recycled off site
  • Cardboard recycled off site
  • Timber recycled off site
  • Pallets and cages recovered on site
  • Amount sent for landfill disposal

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