DIS Euro has an independent testing laboratory specializing in rubber. We provide both product and compound development (developed SBR, EPDM, NBR, Silicone Rubber, Fluoroelastomers or special rubber compounds) in accordance with International Environmental Awareness statutes.


Dis Euro works in conjuction with customers. In addition to regular control tests for production, new material tests and simulated testing for functionality of products are performed. These tests and simulated trials often leads to product improvements.


Our laboratories are fully equipped with open-mill mixers, homogenizers, moulding equipment, rheometers, viscometers, tensile tester, ozone chambers, stress relaxation tester, durometers, and other auxiliary instruments.


Standards met by DIS EURO:



  • EN 295 part 4 for connection systems
  • EN 1123 joints for welded steel pipe
  • EN 295 part 4 for connection systems
  • EN 681 drinking water, drainage & sewage seals
  • EN 682 for gas and oil resistant applications
  • EN 14241 for high temperature applications


Quality system

  • ISO 9001, registered by B.S.I.



  • For UK: WRC and B.S.I.
  • For Germany: MPA - G.S.G.
  • For the Netherlands: KIWA- KOMO Gastec
  • For UK: WRC and B.S.I.
  • For France: IRH/DGS

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